The BES School Health and Wellness Committee works to promote and establish lifelong, healthy eating and exercise habits for our faculty and students. We would like to invite our families to join in this movement with their child. Each month there will be a physical fitness calendar included in the Bucky Bulletin that will promote activities that you and your child may complete together. We hope you join us. Let's work together to get healthy! Scroll to the bottom of the page for this months physical activity calendar!

Grit and Fit

Each month BES chooses a day where  students participate in a school-wide exercise activity for a half hour that we call "Grit and Fit". "Grit and Fit" activities involve exercises, games, or classroom activities that get the entire student body up and moving at the same time. Each month a new activity or game is chosen by our health and wellness committee.

Students can then use the new exercise or game they learned at home or with groups of friends to help stay healthy and give them new ideas to keep moving.  

Nutrition Nuggets Newsletters

Nutrition Nuggets is a Worcester County Public Schools monthly newsletter that contains articles and tips for families and students to improve  health and wellness. Click below to read this months newsletter!

Brain Breaks and Indoor Recess

Studies show that regular physical activity improves both physical well being and brain function. Throughout the day it is important to give students the ability to move around. We incorporate this into our students day through "Brain Breaks". A "Brain Break" is a quick 3-5 minute exercise to help energize and refocus students. Often these are done as a way to transition between subjects. One of the most used resources for Brain Breaks and indoor recess is Go Noodle.


Go Noodle provides movement and mindfulness through quick guided dance and relaxation videos. Using Go Noodle is free and available for parents to sign up for home use.

Faculty and Staff Wellness

Our School Health and Wellness plan also includes activities for our faculty and staff. Throughout the school year teachers have the opportunity to participate in activities such as biggest loser challenge or the exercise activities challenge. 

Each month new healthy recipes are available in our lunch room along with tips for promoting a healthier lifestyle. Health and wellness activities and information are also shared at our faculty meetings.

Teachers have opportunities to exercise together throughout the school year with after-school wellness activities.  Some examples of past after-school activities include walking clubs, Yoga classes, and guided exercise classes. 

Monthly Physical Activity Calendar