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Become a Volunteer

   Buckingham Elementary School is successful in part because of its partnerships with parents and the community. Without the help of our volunteers, we would not be able to provide our students with many of the opportunities that are available to them today.  Volunteers help run after-school programs, mentor students, organize fundraisers and much more. Whether you are an individual or organization we are always looking for volunteers to help with a number of different programs and activities.

Check out some of our opportunities below for ideas of how you can help volunteer.

You can also visit our volunteer website to register to  receive alerts and notifications when volunteer opportunities become available.

Register at as a Volunteer

We encourage our volunteers to register for When a new volunteer opportunity is available we will automatically post the event to

You will then receive a notification and the ability to register to help with the event.


To get started, contact our volunteer coordinator, Mrs. Staci Aperance.

Volunteer Contacts

General Events or Organizations  contact:  Mrs. Staci Aperance

PTA Events  contact: Mrs. Marie Fontello

After-school Program  contact: Mr. Deshon Purnell

What are some Volunteer Opportunities at BES?

Organizing PTA Fundraisers

Clerical Help

Volunteer with After School Academy

Mentoring Students

BES Parade Float

Junior Achievement Business Partner

Santa's Workshop

4th Grade Graduation

Classroom Teacher Volunteer


Vehicle/Career Day Participant

Field Day

Green Schools Team Participant

School Improvement Advisory

Committee Member


and Many More...

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